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Example Program: Search Word in Folder files and print output

To Search a word in in list of files available in Folder, you need to find the list of files first and then scan each and every for required word. Below is the sample program to find the a given

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Example Java Program to Search Files in a Folder

Below Java Program lists the file names and directory names available in given folder. To do this implementation , we can get the files list in a folder using File class available in Java API. Iterate the files one by one

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Bubble Sort Example in JAVA

package in.malliktalksjava; /** * @author malliktalksjava * */ public class BubbleSortExample { private static int[] input = { 4, 2, 9, 6, 23, 11, 44, 0 }; /** * @param args * main method to run the logic. */ public

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Javac/Java searching algorithm for other classes

With this post, I would like to explain how exactly the Java/Java will search for its dependencies in the project or application level. Java Applications can be run using the command line or in the Web/Application servers. For both the

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Example program to reverse a Number in Java

  package in.javatutorials; public class ReverseNumber { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(“The reversed number is ” + reverse(1234)); } public static int reverse(int input) { int result = 0; int rem; while (input > 0) { rem =

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How to find count of duplicates in a List

There are many different ways to find out the duplicates in a List or count of duplicates in a List object. Three best ways have been implemented in the below sample class. I suggest to go with 2nd sample, when

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Threads Interview questions in Java

Thread concept is the most important topic for all the interviews. This post contains most important interview questions on Thread concepts. The answers for these questions will be covered in further posts. What is a thread ? What are the

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Access Specifiers in Java

An access specifier is a keyword that specifies how to access or read the members of a class or the class itself. There are four access specifiers in Java as mentioned below: private public protected default 1. Private : Private members

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Avoid nested loops using Collection Framework in Java

It is very important to have high performance for any software implemented in any programming language. And, as per truth loops plays major role in building the high performance applications. In this post, I have tried to explain how to

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Difference between sorted and ordered collection in hibernate

Below are the differences between Sorted collection and Ordered collection in Hibernate. sorted collection  order collection  A sorted collection is sorting a collection by utilizing the sorting features provided by the Java collections framework. The sorting occurs in the memory of JVM

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