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Create a Java web service using top down approch

In the bottom up approach, we will write the java class and generates the WSDL file and other dependent components. The same will be deployed into the web containers. In Top down approach, Architects will write the WSDL file based on the requirements. Developer

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Write a Client for web service

Below steps explains how to write a web service client in java using STS IDE. Step 1: Create a Java project using the steps mentioned here. Step 2: Generate the stubs for the Java web service using below steps Mouse

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Create a java webservice using STS

Below steps explains the how to create a web-service in java in bottom-up approach using the STS(Spring tool suite) IDE. In the bottom-up approach, first we will create a template class, using the template class we will generate the WSDL and deploy the service in servers. Follow the below steps

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Create a Dynamic web project using STS

Below steps explain the creating a dynamic web project using STS. Step 1 : Select File -> New -> Other. Step 2:  Select the Dynamic web project from the menu and click on Next button.   Step 3: Give a name to

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What are the differences between SOAP WS and RESTful WS?

SOAP Web Services RESTfull Web Services The SOAP WS supports both remote procedure call (i.e. RPC) and message oriented middle-ware (MOM) integration styles. The Restful Web Service supports only RPC integration style. The SOAP WS is transport protocol neutral. Supports

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What are the differences between DispatchAction and LookupDispatchAction in Struts Framework?

Dispatch Action LookupDispatchAction   It’s a parent class of  LookupDispatchAction Subclass of Dispatch Action DispatchAction provides a mechanism for grouping a set of related functions into asingle action, thus eliminating the need to create separate actions for each function. An abstract Action that dispatches to

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Replace special characters in a String using java

package in.javatutorials; /** * @author javatutorials * @since version 1.0 * * Below class replaces the special characters in a string with empty value * */ public class ReplaceSpecialCharacters { public static final String REG_EXPR = “[!\”#$%&'()*+-./:;<=>?@\\^_{|}~`,.\\[\\]]*”; /** * @param

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Singleton Design pattern in JAVA

Below class depicts the Singleton design pattern. package in.javatutorials; /** * @author JavaTutorials * @version 1.0 * */ public final class SingletonDesignPattern { /** * make the class object as private as it is * not used directly out

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How to convert an array to comma separated string in java

package com.test; public class ArrayTest { public static void main(String[] args) {ArrayTest arrayTest = new ArrayTest();arrayTest.arrayJoin();} public void arrayJoin() { String[] arrayToJoin = { “John”, “Peter”, “Tom”, “Scott” }; StringBuilder joinedString = new StringBuilder();String seperator = “,”;//System.out.println(“Converting to String “+arrayToJoin.toString());;for

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How to Copy an Array into Another Array in Java

The contents of one array can be copied into another array by using the arraycopy() method of the System class in Java. The arraycopy() method accepts source array, source length, destination array and destination length. The following program shows the

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