JSP Action Tags, Directive Tags & Scripting Tags?

Action Tag: These tags effect the run time behavior of the jsp page and the response
set back to client tags are :

<jsp: usebean> instantiate a new jsp bean class
< jsp: setProperty>: setting the properties at run time
<jsp:param>:used to sending parameters
<jsp:include>include a resource at run time
<jsp:forward>forward the control to specific resource
<jsp:plugin>:to plugin a web resource url applet

These tags effect the overall structure of the servlet that result from translation. 3 types of directives are defiend.
Page directive: used to define and manipulate the no of page dependent attributes that effect the whole jsp.
include directive: This instructs the container to include the content of the resource in the current jsp
.<%include file=”—–”/>
this file is parsed once, when translation.
Taglib directive: To use tag extensions to define custom tags.

Scriptlets: There are used to include java code in jsp page these are of 3 types
scriptlet: used to write pure java code
declarations: used to declare java variables and methods
<%!int num=3;
public void hello(String str)
return str;
This send the value of a java expression back to client. These results is converted to string and displayed at client.