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Methods of Bean Configurations for Spring Container

There are three ways to provide the configuration metadata to Spring container. Below are the more details about them. 1. Xml based configuration file <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <beans xmlns=”; xmlns:xsi=”; xsi:schemaLocation=””&gt; <!– A simple bean definition –> <bean id=”…” class=”…”>

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Spring Bean Scopes – Examples

There are 5 spring bean scopes as below: 1. Singleton:  If scope is set to singleton, the Spring IoC container creates exactly one instance of the object defined by that bean definition. This single instance is stored in a cache

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How to Inject Null or Blank values to a Spring Bean

To inject an NULL value which is equivalent to bean.setMessage(null): <bean id=”beanId” class=”bean”> <property name=”message”><null/></property> </bean> To inject an empty Stringe which is equivalent to bean.setMessage(“”) <bean id=”beanId” class=”bean”> <property name=”message” value=””></property> </bean>  

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Different Types of Spring Containers

There are two distinct types of spring containers as mentioned below: 1. BeanFactory Container: This is the simplest container providing basic support for Dependency Injection and defined by the org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory interface. The BeanFactory and related interfaces, such as BeanFactoryAware, InitializingBean, DisposableBean,

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Is it mandatory to have the “id” property in Bean/ApplicationContext Xml

Typical Bean xml file looks like below: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <beans xmlns=”; xmlns:xsi=”; xsi:schemaLocation=”; > <bean class=”in.malliktalksjava.service.MyServiceImpl”> <property name=”repository” ref=”someDAO”/> </bean> <bean id=”someDAO” class=”in.malliktalksjava.dao.SomeDao”/> </beans> MyServiceImpl Bean is anonymous because no id is supplied explicitly. Thus Spring container generates a

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Spring Core – Hello World Example

Pre Requisite : Download and install the Spring STS into your machine. This will provide all the default spring configurations whenever you create the project Application Creation Steps: Step 1: Spring Maven project in your STS. This gives the project

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Difference between ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundError

1. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException :  This exception indicates that the class was not found on the classpath. This indicates that we were trying to load the class definition, and the class did not exist on the classpath. 2. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError :  This exception

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Difference between HttpSession’s getSession(), getSession(true) and getSession(false) methods

getSession() : Returns the current session associated with this request, or if the request does not have a session, creates one. getSession(true) : Returns the current HttpSession associated with this request, if there is no current session, returns a new

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org.springframework.beans.NotReadablePropertyException: Invalid property

Exception: ERROR: org.springframework.web.servlet.tags.form.RadioButtonTag – Invalid property ‘newUser’ of bean class [com.malliktalksjava.bean.UserBean]: Bean property ‘newUser’ is not readable or has an invalid getter method: Does the return type of the getter match the parameter type of the setter? org.springframework.beans.NotReadablePropertyException: Invalid property

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Features of Spring Web MVC

Spring’s web module includes many unique web support features: Clear separation of roles. Each role — controller, validator, command object, form object, model object, DispatcherServlet, handler mapping, view resolver, and so on — can be fulfilled by a specialized object. Powerful and

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