Difference Normal HTML tags and Struts HTML tags

Apache struts provided the struts html tags as the replacement of normal html tags for the Jsps. These Struts html tags are directly bind to the form bean using ActionForm where as normal html tags cannot bind with form beans. HTML tags are static but Struts tags are Dynamic (At the run-time struts tags are called)

But coming to performance half of the code in struts tags is pre-compiled one. If we use normal html tags web container has to load the jsp from the scratch. Where as struts tags loads with the pre-compiled code. So that struts tags improves the performance.

One thought on “Difference Normal HTML tags and Struts HTML tags

  1. K November 10, 2010 / 6:33 am

    If you mean struts tags <html: or <logic: they are tag libraries provided by apache struts they are different from basic html elements (don't confuse with tags). Basic HTML has elements like Link , input <input etc. even though we use struts tag libraries which are partially compiled at client side they have to be rendered as html elements by browser so Always basic html elements are faster to render than struts tag libraries as they don't have overhead.
    Correct me If I'm Wrong

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