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What is the difference between EAR, JAR and WAR file?

In J2EE, application modules are packaged as EAR, JAR and WAR based on their functionality. Each type of file (.jar, .war, .ear) is processed uniquely by application servers, servlet containers, EJB containers, etc JAR: Jar file (file with a .jar

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Which is faster in execution-JSP or SERVLET ? Why?

Servlet is faster in execution as every jsp is changed on converted to servlet before starting the execution. Thus the server need to spend some time to convent a JSP file to servlet at it’s first time execution. But developing

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Can the same object os Stateless Session bean be shared by multiple clients? Can the same object os Stateful Session bean be shared by multiple clients?

It is possible to share the same object of stateless session bean by multiple clients. A Server maintains a pool of objects in case of stateless session bean. And every When ever we send a request to the JSP file

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What is Server Side Push and how is it implemented and when is it useful?

Server Side push is useful when data needs to change regularly on the clients application or browser , without intervention from client. Standard examples might include apps like Stock’s Tracker, Current News etc. As such server cannot connect to client’s

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What is difference between stateless and stateful session beans?

Stateless: 1) Stateless session bean maintains across method and transction 2) The EJB server transparently reuses instances of the Bean to service different clients at the per-method level (access to the session bean is serialized and is 1 client per

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Difference between JSP & Servlets?

Both are web applications used to produce web content that mean dynamic web pages. Bot are used to take the requests and service the clients. The main difference between them is, In servlets both the presentation and business logic are

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How do you implement Single Thread Model in JSP?

By simply include a page directives <%@page isThreadSafe=”false” %>

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<jsp:useBean> tag and it’s properties?

To separate the code from the presentation it would be good idea to encapsulate the code in java object instantiate it and use it in our jsp. This instance is variable is called ‘id’. We can also specific life time

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JSP Action Tags, Directive Tags & Scripting Tags?

Action Tag: These tags effect the run time behavior of the jsp page and the response set back to client tags are : <jsp: usebean> instantiate a new jsp bean class < jsp: setProperty>: setting the properties at run time

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JSP implicit Objects

The objects which are internal to JSP page are called implicit objects. These are available with jsp page once the jsp invoked. 1)out: used to send the content to the browser ex: out.println(“xx”) 2)Response: Represent HttpServlet Reques 3) Response: Represent

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