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Singleton Design pattern in JAVA

Below class depicts the Singleton design pattern. package in.javatutorials; /** * @author JavaTutorials * @version 1.0 * */ public final class SingletonDesignPattern { /** * make the class object as private as it is * not used directly out

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JBoss Areo Gear – Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Ease

When building mobile web apps, it is important to have lightweight, performant code that gives a great experience to your users no matter what device they might be using. That is where AeroGear.js comes in. This library provides everything from

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JBoss Errai – makes rich client easy.

Errai’s mission is to make building rich client applications not just easier, but more scalable and manageable. App grow over time, features get added, and code bases balloon into an albatross for developers. By applying good practices, and leveraging frameworks

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Which of the Java Frameworks do you like more?

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Convert Array to Vector in Java

package com.test; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.Vector; public class ArrayTest { public static void main(String[] args) { ArrayTest arrayTest = new ArrayTest(); arrayTest.arrayToVector(); } public void arrayToVector() { String[] arrayToConvert = { “jhony”, “peter”, “don” }; Vector<String> convertedVector = new Vector<String>

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How to convert an array to comma separated string in java

package com.test; public class ArrayTest { public static void main(String[] args) {ArrayTest arrayTest = new ArrayTest();arrayTest.arrayJoin();} public void arrayJoin() { String[] arrayToJoin = { “John”, “Peter”, “Tom”, “Scott” }; StringBuilder joinedString = new StringBuilder();String seperator = “,”;//System.out.println(“Converting to String “+arrayToJoin.toString());;for

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What design patterns are used in Struts 1.X?

Struts is based on model 2 MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Struts controller uses the command design pattern and the action classes use the adapter design pattern. The process() method of the RequestProcessor uses the template method design pattern. Struts also implement

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What are the benefits of XML?

There are many benefits of using XML on the Web: Simplicity– Information coded in XML is easy to read and understand, plus it can be processed easily by computers. Openness– XML is a W3C standard, endorsed by software industry market

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Java EE 5 vs Java EE 6

This post visualizes changes between Java EE Standards 5 and 6. The comparison of standards is listed in four sections Web-Services, Web-Container, Enterprise Application technologies and Maintenance. Hope this helps someone. Web Service related changes JAVA EE 5 (JSR-244) JAVA

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How to Copy an Array into Another Array in Java

The contents of one array can be copied into another array by using the arraycopy() method of the System class in Java. The arraycopy() method accepts source array, source length, destination array and destination length. The following program shows the

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